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Quick-check for Streetlight-EPC:

Please see downloadable versions below:

Step 1:  CKEA_Checklist_Streetlight_Step1.pdf (820 downloads)

Step 2:  CKEA_Checklist_Streetlight_Step2.pdf (754 downloads)


How can local authorities/owners of streetlighting use this checklist?

This document aims to support local authorities in assessing whether energy performance contracting could be a suitable option for refurbishing their streetlighting systems (or a specific area within their municipality) in 2 steps:

  • Step 1: OK and KO criteria
    Check the table below and answer the questions for your streetlighting system (or a part of it). If all or nearly all questions are answered with “yes”, then you can proceed to Step 2
  • Step 2 Streetlight-EPC Data collection sheet
    Complete the data collection sheet which is inserted in this folder and send it to xx (Name of the regional partner). They will get back to you with information on possible next steps towards streetlighting refurbishment in your region.


Street-lighting is an important issue for most local authorities – it must meet a range of requirements, most importantly contribute to road and social safety and allow for cost-efficient and low-maintenance operation. For local authorities with older, inefficient systems, street lighting can account for 30-50% of their total electricity consumption. The saving potential is enormous: generally, with current technologies 30-70 % of savings are possible. This savings potential was recognised by European policies: EC Regulation 245/2009 foresees “phasing out” of a range of lamp types frequently used for street lighting between 2012 and 2017. Phasing out means that these product groups can not be purchased any more. Nearly 80 % of all lamps currently in operation will be affected by the phase-out, among them High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and High Pressure Mercury (HPM) lamps.


What is EPC?

Energy Performance Contracting is a contractual arrangement between a beneficiary (e.g. a municipality) and a provider of an energy efficiency improvement measure, a so-called “Energy Service Company” (ESCO). The ESCO finances and implements energy efficiency investments – for example the refurbishment of a streetlighting to LED technologies for the whole city or a selected project. The annual energy savings are used to cover the investment and capital costs. After the end of the contract, the client benefits from the energy and cost savings.


Box EU-Project Streetlight-EPC

A project funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme was launched in April 2014 with the objective of triggering the market uptake of EPC through street lighting refurbishment projects. The project, called “Streetlight-EPC” will create demand and supply for EPC projects in 9 regions by setting up regional EPC facilitation services. These services will provide comprehensive support to both local authorities and SMEs as potential ESCOs. The project team includes 9 regional agencies/organisations, which will provide the EPC facilitation services, 9 municipalities and a European network.


Further information:


Further information

For CKEA Contact Details and Consultancy Services on Streetlighting Energy Performance Project Development please click here.

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