Data4Action Roundtable Steering Committee 2

Data4Action Roundtable Steering Committee 2

28/07/2015 – Kilkenny County Hall RSC 1

On Tuesday 28th of July 2015 Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency hosted our second Data4Action Roundtable Steering Committee at Kilkenny County Hall. The agenda for the meeting included:

  • An overview of the Data4Action Project
  • The role of the Steering Committee
  • The Regional Energy Observatory Launch
  • Tender Specification REO

An introduction was given from each committee member and the role that each will play in the project for its duration. An important aim was to introduce the concept of our Regional Energy Observatory which was only recently launched and can be found @ The main focus now within the project is to start collating energy data from utility companies, local business, residential and national data providers.

An important goal of the committee is to build strong collaborations with energy data providers and stakeholders within the region to promote and share knowledge on climate change, greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions. We at CKEA currently work with the local authorities in both Carlow and Kilkenny which are also to some extent data providers. Our Regional Steering Committee (RSC) compromises of three data providers, two experts in the field of data collection and analysis and two public authorities. All of the data providers work daily with energy and/or emission data and are considered as experts within their area. The public authorities are represented by two senior executive engineers from Carlow and Kilkenny local authorities. We are aiming for improving the collaboration with regional and local stakeholders and research institutions.

We will be hosting further Regional Roundtables in the near future so if you wish to attend please contact Jonathan Griffin – email: