Data4action: Promoting Sustainable Energy – 19th November 2015, Turin



Data quality to support local action

19 November 2015 
Metropolitan City of Torino Auditorium, Corso Inghilterra 7,Turin

The metropolitan city of Turin will host on the 19th November an international event under the Covenant of Mayors and the European project DATA4ACTION. During this event, a number of institutions and researchers will bring to light a few examples of success stories of the support of local action to promote energy sustainability. Thousands of local and regional authorities are in fact involved in Europe and Italy, through initiatives such as the Covenant of Mayors, in long-term sustainable energy planning to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption. In this context, the collection of data and their quality are often an obstacle to start an effective and convincing energy transition.

The project DATA4ACTION, co-funded by the European Union, foresees that 12 energy observatories, including that of the metropolitan city of Turin, develop and strengthen their own course of action to overcome those barriers.



Location: Metropolitan City of Torino Auditorium, Corso Inghilterra 7

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