ReDirect Ireland – Opportunity to learn about a Welsh Community. Trust approach to resource efficiency on farms.

The ReDirect Ireland project would like to invite you to our online meeting this Thursday 21st June from 11 – 12.  This is an opportunity to hear the details of a ReDirect Partner approach.  In Wales a community trust called ‘Cwm Harry’ are taking existing residual biomass, putting it through the ‘IFBB’ process, followed by a pyrolysis, with the intent of producing biochar or activated carbon products and by-products for sale in the economy.  They are in the process of getting the site operational.

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RE-DIRECT focuses on a holistic approach to promote the efficient use of natural resources and materials by converting residual biomass into carbon products and activated carbon at smart regional decentralised units.  The project involves 11 partners from BE, DE, FR, IR and the UK.   Each year at least 34 million tonnes of residual biomass from the management of rural landscapes and urban greens in NWE are wasted. On the other hand, there is a growing market for sustainable and decentralised products such as active coal, used in sewage water technologies to clean water polluted with complex chemical substances or antibiotics.


Stephen Mc Cormack,  with any queries.