Minister Denis Naughten launches ‘Call for Applications’ under the Government’s new €500 million Climate Action Fund.

Minister Naughten is today launching the first Call for Applications under the Government’s new €500m Climate Action Fund to support initiatives that will help Ireland reach its climate and energy targets. The deadline for applications is 1st October 2018.

The €500 million fund is a central element of the Government’s National Development Plan 2018-2027. This includes the objective of funding initiatives that contribute to the achievement of Ireland’s climate and energy targets in a cost effective manner. It also offers the potential for innovative interventions which, in the absence of support from the Fund, would not otherwise be developed.

This will be the first such call and, as the Fund develops, further calls will be made. The scope and scale of projects that will be supported will vary to ensure the full objectives of the Fund are realised. This may include calls focussing on specific sectors (such as electricity, transport, heat or agriculture) or specific areas (such as capacity building, innovation or community participation).

Minister Naughten has said:  “The opportunities are endless and I would encourage people to be creative and solution-focussed. Projects could range from electrifying our bus fleet, to expanding electric vehicles’ charging infrastructure, or the development of district heating projects in our cities, to using farm and food waste as a source of renewable energy.  The Fund is about a new way of problem-solving in urban and rural communities, and in business and enterprise on climate and our environment.” (Reference:

For further details please find below link “Climate Action Fund Call for Applications” which sets out the details that applicants will be required to submit.

Climate Action Fund Call for Applications

Full details of the Climate Action Fund are available on the Department’s website here.

What Projects Can Apply?

The focus of this Call for Applications is providing grant funding to larger scale projects (seeking total support in excess of €1m) that are scheduled to commence development in 2019 or 2020. Some examples of the types of projects that may be supported include:

  • renewable energy projects;
  • energy efficiency projects – including high-efficiency cogeneration;
  • district heating projects;
  • local infrastructure projects – including electric vehicle charging networks; and
  • projects that go beyond required standards for environmental protection.

Please note: The level of support provided to any project as part of this Call for Applications will be limited by European Union state aid rules.

Important deadlines?

Applications will be accepted in the period from 17 September 2018 (when the Fund enters into force)and on 1st October 2018, 5pm.

What is the Application Process?

This Call for Applications will be followed by a five stage process as follows:
1. Submission of applications
2. Assessment of applications (including approval of projects as being eligible for support)
3. Project validation (including confirmation of projects to proceed to delivery)
4. Project delivery
5. Project evaluation

Terms and Conditions apply, please see  here for more information.