Citizens Leading The Energy & Climate Transition Conference in Hotel Minella

About The Conference:
Tipperary Energy Agency is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2018. As part of our celebrations and in conjunction with the Covenant of Mayors, the agency is organising a 1-day conference entitled Citizens Leading the Energy & Climate Transition. An appropriate local & regional response to the cause and effect of climate change is a key challenge of our time. The Conference will help support and inform the ongoing National Dialogue on Climate Action through seeking to develop capacity and knowledge of key local actors while addressing how effective collaboration and partnership can facilitate a successful transition.

Date: September 12th, 2018, 9:30am-15pm, Hotel Minella, Clonmel.

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This conference is a partnership between the European Covenant of Mayors Initiative and Tipperary Energy Agency and seeks to support and inform the ongoing National Dialogue on Climate Action. It will focus on how citizens can lead the energy & climate transition in their regions.

The National Dialogue on Climate Action is an Initiative of the Government of Ireland and seeks to engage citizens in informing and supporting Ireland’s response to climate change. In seeking to support and inform the National Dialogue process, this Conference will also host a dialogue on climate action. This dialogue will seek to understand how local authorities and citizen led initiatives can collaborate with other key actors to promote and support our energy and climate transition which builds on national policy in terms of achieving a low carbon and climate resilient future.

Who will attend?
Policy Makers
Representatives from Local Authorities
European Energy Agencies
Local Community & Development Organisations
Sustainable Energy Communities

If you have any questions about the Conference or require any further info, please email