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3CEA invite you to take a survey on Urban Energy Demand Supplied by Rural Low Carbon Energy Supplies.

This survey is targeted at large industry networks & large energy users.

3CEA are currently involved with Interreg North West Europe Renewable Energy Regions project in partnership with 9 other partners (7 NWE countries) including our local partners Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and Ormonde Upgrading Limited (OUL).]

Every fully completed survey will be in with a chance to win a €250 One4All Voucher.

NWE is one of the EU’s highest energy consuming regions. The share of renewable energy in the region’s production and consumption mix is low and there is a strong dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

3CEA aim to overcome barriers in renewable biogas distribution and promote the transition to biogas and the rural virtual supply chain with a view to reducing GHG emissions & increasing the use of renewable energy in the NWE region.

The objective of this survey is to collect the opinions of relevant stakeholders, large industry energy managers, actors and interested parties in the southeast region of Ireland and beyond in analysing the barriers and opportunities for Renewable Energy Partnerships (Legal, social, economic, infrastructural, technological, institutional) to increase the use of Renewable Energy reducing GHG emissions and the decarbonisation of heat and transport sectors.

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*Every fully completed survey will be in with a chance to win a €250 One4All Voucher. In order to qualify for the voucher responses must be submitted before 5pm 7th June 2019. The survey will remain open until the 14th June 2019 but responses will not be eligible for the prize.

Please contact Fintan, Sesame or Mari-Liis if you require further info on 3530567790856.

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