3cea delighted to join the Irish Energy Storage Association

3cea have recently become members of the Irish Energy Storage Association (IESA).

The purpose and role of the Association is to represent and lobby on behalf of parties in the energy storage space across a whole range of applications including the provision of system services, exploitation of arbitrage opportunities in the energy sector and maximisation of the benefits of renewable energy on the island of Ireland. This would involve a wide range of technologies including batteries, flywheels, super capacitors, hydroelectric, compressed air and thermal storage.

IESA represents the interests of the energy storage sector on the island of Ireland, by influencing policy decisions and implementation details through engagement with CRU, UR, SEM Committee, EirGrid, ESBN, Government Departments, EU and European energy bodies (for example in developing the Network Code).

IESA actively promotes energy storage on the island of Ireland to meet the needs of the I-SEM and assist in combating climate change largely through providing new system services to the Transmission System Operators.

3cea look forward to a fruitful future of collaboration and cooperation with the IESA. For more information on the IESA, take a look at their website here.