Getting by in a time of crisis – 3cea Team working from home during Covid-19

Covid-19 has created an unprecedented economic and social shock for business and communities in Ireland. As the team here in 3cea rolls into our forth month of working from home, we rely on remote work tools and technology more than ever in order to stay connected.

Working remotely has brought us to a new set of challenges that has led us to adapt quickly. Between event cancellations, travel restrictions, webinar overload, personal concern about contagion and more, nearly everyone has been affected by this crisis in some way. Many of us are trying to balance working from home with the responsibilities of care. Event though it is our home environment, it is very new from a work perspective. This is the first time where so many of us are having to collaborate, operate and communicate remotely through the power of technology.

Technology can only go so far, and working from home is not for everyone the team here at 3cea are managing this new normal very well. We wanted to take this opportunity and share how well our colleagues are coping!

With so many people taking part in this work-from-home situation – how do people and organisations actually feel about it?

Top benefits of remote working

According to, 98% of people would like to have the option to work remotely post Covid. Aside from working from the comfort of your home environment, what are the things people like about working from home?

Not everything is always positive about working from home, the below graph shows some of the challenges people face as they work remotely.

Top struggles of Remote Workers:


Covid-19 could permanently shift our working patterns?

Covid-19 has drastically altered the work landscape and provided us with the opportunity to make our economies more sustainable. It looks increasingly as if the life will not ever go back to how it was and this might be a chance for a great reset in terms of how we work. Either way, the work from home trend will likely rise even after the pandemic passes.

Our team are set up to work remotely from home and will be available to answer any queries that you may have over the phone or email.

We appreciate your continued support as the country will start to slowly reopen. Please continue to take the steps you need in order to keep yourself, your families and your community safe.


The Covid-19 crisis has had unintended positive side effects. 3cea team have had to get creative to continue with business as usual, read our blog post about the concept of remote energy audits where 3cea staff could work collaboratively with homeowners to complete online surveys.