Gas Networks Ireland Innovation Fund Approved

The 3 Counties Energy Agency has had an application to the Gas Networks Ireland Innovation Fund approved.

3cea has recently been notified that an application for the Gas Networks Ireland Innovation Fund has been approved. The Innovation Fund approval provides 50% funding for 3cea to conduct a technical study around decarbonising the Gas Network. The study will be used to inform strategic decision makers on the potential of decarbonisation in the gas network, which supports many industries in the South East region.

The funding application also supports the study of market potential for Green Gas, such as the renewable gas, biomethane, a by product of the agriculture industry, which can be integrated in to the gas network as a heating and transport transition fuel. This funding approval is a welcome addition as the South East is an agriculturally intensive production and manufacturing region, which boasts large renewable energy potential from the bioeconomy.

To find out more about the innovation fund, click on the Gas Networks Ireland Website here.