3cea CEO Paddy Phelan Appointed As President of IESA

3cea CEO Paddy Phelan has been appointed as the president of the Irish Energy Storage Agency (IESA) after current president Peter Duffy announced he will step down. This appointment adds to Paddy’s current list of positions on public boards, including President of the Irish BioEnergy Association, Executive Committee of the Irish Wind Farmers Association, Member of the Chambers of Ireland Low Carbon Taskforce, and Committee Member of European Biogas Association.

The Irish Energy Storage Association (IESA) was established to promote the benefits of energy storage in Ireland. IESA represents the interests of the Irish energy storage sector, shares knowledge and experience with energy storage players worldwide, and works internationally by signing International Affiliation Agreements with representative storage bodies from other countries.

The purpose of IESA is :

  • to represent parties in the energy storage space across a range of applications including; the provision of system services, exploitation of arbitrage opportunities in the energy sector, and maximisation of the benefits of renewable energy on the island of Ireland. This would involve a wide range of technologies including batteries, flywheels, super capacitors, hydroelectric, compressed air and thermal storage.

  • to follow DS3 developments and respond to Consultations representing the views of IESA members.

  • to actively promote energy storage on the island of Ireland in order to meet the needs of the I-SEM and assist in combating climate change. IESA aims to meet these needs through providing new system services to the Transmission System Operators.

To read more about the IESA and their activities, see the IESA Website.

3cea would like to congratulate the outgoing president of the IESA, Peter Duffy on two and half years as the president of the IESA and wish him the best on his retirement.

We look forward to continually working with the IESA to meet Ireland’s current and future energy storage needs. To read more on how 3cea are currently working towards bettering the competitiveness of Irish energy storage SMEs, see our work in the EU Interreg NWE STEPS Programme.