Old Leighlin lead the way to mapping a plan to be part of the climate action programme

The All of Government Climate Action Plan aims to expand the SEC Network to 1500 communities all over Ireland receiving support to plan for a sustainable energy future.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Old Leighlin have done it again. Like they always do. Securing hard fought national grant aid to become Carlow’s first community with the first completed Energy Masterplan in County Carlow.

Old Leighlin is a beautiful place, standing on raised ground overlooking rolling hills and valleys with spectacular vistas.

Following several workshops, and community consultations, the community of Old Leighlin came together and held a public information meeting which was very well attended.  The local community group knew they were on to something. The positive energy in the room was evident and with that a clear vision emerged from the meeting – to establish Old Leighlin as an energy efficient community. The local community group, brimming with drive and dedication, worked in collaboration with Carlow County Development Partnership CLG, and with assistance from us 3cea, and Planenergy Consulting, to complete an Energy Masterplan with grant aid of €10,000 received from SEAI.

Following on from initiating and progressing the Energy Master Plan for the village, Old Leighlin explored different ways in which they could enhance and preserve its beautiful landscape to continue to maintain its natural ambience in a sustainable manner.

Old Leighlin are continuously looking to improve and explore innovative ways to address climate change and make a difference to all the community. Their interest in promoting Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation and Quality, and Biodiversity, are all fundamental essentials that the community believe are the tools needed to preserve ancient Old Leighlin while embracing modern Old Leighlin.

With constant support from Carlow County Development Partnership, Old Leighlin Community Hall and Old Leighlin Tidy Towns were able to access expertise and know-how to reflect on the value of what was present in their village and learn how to protect Old Leighlin and their natural resources into the future.

The Energy Master plan surveys and documents the community’s energy consumption and will also highlight buildings and areas where alterations and improvements can be made to upgrade energy efficiency reduce carbon emissions and reduce consumption in the community. This will enable members to carry out necessary upgrades, where possible thereby, reducing their energy bills, and afford a more comfortable and sustainable living.

Representatives from Old Leighlin stated that the support received from Carlow County Development Partnership made a complicated process much easier. Alice, a committee member from Old Leighlin said ‘we are really delighted to have got this far. The support from the community and from Carlow Development, at each and every step made the difference.  They supported and enabled us to focus on the next step rather than get overwhelmed by the whole project, which still seems enormous to us. I have to say that while the detail required for the application worried people within the community at the start, bit by bit we found the confidence to keep going’. She further commented on the Water conservation and Biodiversity training programme which were also facilitated by Carlow Development through LEADER funding.

Speaking to the Nationalist, Marina DeCosta of Carlow Development extended her congratulations to the community of Old Leighlin and added ‘the journey was long and hard. Sometimes it felt we would have to take a step back, particularly in light of the complications and hurdles that were created due to COVID. However, the resilience and determination of the committee along with partners 3cea and Planenergy overcame a multitude of barriers. Old Leighlin can proudly take ownership of the very first EMP to be launched in County Carlow.

Attendance during the launch of the Old Leighlin sustainable energy network in the community hall as Annette Fox addresses the group.
photo; KarlMcDonough

Old Leighlin

Old Leighlin is a beautiful place, standing on raised ground overlooking rolling hills and valleys with spectacular vistas.

Working on the Energy Master Plan for the village has prompted us to look at the village in many different ways and focus on how we can keep it beautiful and preserve its natural ambience.

Taking a Holistic view on Energy, Water Conservation & Quality, and Biodiversity we have the tools to preserve ancient Old Leighlin while moving into modern Old Leighlin.

With the support of Carlow County Development Partnership, Old Leighlin Community Hall and Old Leighlin Tidy Towns were able to access expertise on how to appreciate the value of what we have around us and how to protect Old Leighlin and our natural resources into the future.

Energy Master Plan

The opportunity to be involved in an Energy Master Plan started with information provided by Carlow Count Development Partnership.  Old Leighlin Community Hall saw the potential and in how this would improve their energy usage and reduce energy costs as well as improving the Carbon Foot Print.   A public meeting was held and after much work an Energy Master Plan for the benefit of the community of Old Leighlin was produced.

Old Leighlin’s Energy Master Plan has been developed by looking at energy in as many aspects of Old Leighlin as possible, Community Buildings, Businesses, Farms and Private Residences and how we can make changes to conserve energy and reduce cost.  Some might look at as little as changing light bulbs to start with while others might make major changes like a full retrofit.  Guided by The Energy Master Plan our community has the opportunity to come together to decide how we can conserve energy in ways that suit all pockets.

Water Conservation Plan

Old Leighlin Tidy Towns have completed a course on water conservation with the outcome of a Plan on Water Conservation.

This Looks at the importance of water in all our lives and how we enjoy rivers and streams, while protecting them, where water comes from, where it goes to, how it can help us, recreational value and water quality.  It highlights water as the valuable resource that it is.

Biodiversity Plan

Old Leighlin Tidy Towns along with other communities in Carlow came together to commission a biodiversity plan for each area.  This helped Old Leighlin look toward the future and work to ensure it is sustainable for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Carlow Nationalist – Old Leighlin is Carlow’s First area to Complete an Energy Masterplan.
Read more about the supports available on the CCDP website.

If you are feeling inspired from this positive story, explore the grants amd community climate action initiatives available or contact our Sustainable Energy Communities South East Regional Coordinator Gráinne Kennedy to find out how we could help your community. Email us at contact@3cea.ie