Free* Energy Audits Offered by 3cea Through CAN Cap Programme

Free* energy audits offered to 150 Irish SMEs

*Please note, there has been a change to the CAN Cap process. Audits will now be discounted with a voucher worth up to €1000. Although this will cover most the audit expense the business will need to pay the difference. This will be highlighted before the audit takes place. These audits will be Type 1 or Type 2 audits based on your preference and the cost to your business after the voucher will be relatively low.

3 Counties Energy Agency help SMEs to improve sustainability and reduce energy bills

With extreme weather events in the news almost every day, and the science showing that our behaviour is slowly and relentlessly heating the planet, more people recognise the need to change. Many Irish businesses are examining their options to move towards carbon neutrality.


An opportunity has been launched for Irish businesses to avail of a free energy audit as part of an Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) Development Project called CANCap. Businesses that avail of this support will begin to transition to a low carbon economy and contribute towards the Government’s Climate Bill promise to half emission by 2050.


Offered by climate experts, 3 Counties Energy Agency (3cea), the project aims to assist SMEs, in specific industries, to improve sustainable measures and reduce energy bills by addressing deficiencies and incorporating renewable energy practices. The Climate Active Neighbourhoods Capitalisation Project (CANCap) free energy audit is available to SME, businesses with fewer than 50 employees in the Southeast region from the following sectors:


  • Nursing homes and healthcare providers
  • Food producersfarm foods plants
  • Convenience grocery stores and supermarkets
  • Office blocks and property management companies


The audits are offered exclusively by 3 Counties Energy Agency having become Irish members of the global network, the Climate Alliance, based in Germany, a partnership of nine EU countries working together for climate action.


Alexandra Hamilton, Senior Energy Engineer with 3cea said


“The energy audit will include a walk-through of the building with one of our engineers to see how and where you currently use energy. They may have a camera, meters or other equipment to conduct the survey, but it will not be disruptive, and staff can go about their day as usual. We will make our recommendations for where to save energy across the business. 3cea are registered with SEAI to deliver energy audits across the South East, and we will always highlight any grants or supports available to deliver the projects after the audit is complete.”


Following completion of a free energy audit, the business will receive an energy usage report. 3cea will advise on how to reduce energy bills and develop sustainable energy practices that will meet the daily objectives of the business more efficiently. Companies may qualify for further grant assistance should they wish to carry out upgrades such as solar panels, energy-efficient heating or cooling systems, insulation, or upgrade to LED lighting.


Under the SEAI’s Better Energy Communities (BEC) grant scheme commercial businesses can avail of up to 30 per cent of the costs of energy upgrades up to €2M maximum grant per company. A free information webinar will be held on 21st September 2021 from 1-2 pm, hosted via Zoom, and presented by 3cea Senior Engineer, Alexandra Hamilton. Those considering energy upgrades will learn more about the savings, how to go through the funding process, the benefits and grant opportunities available to Irish businesses. Register online:


This is a great opportunity for businesses to reduce energy usage and costs, lower their CO2 emissions and make a very positive impact on climate change. I would encourage any business considering energy upgrades to attend our information evening on September 21st to find out more.” Ms Hamilton Concluded


Businesses that are interested in exploring can visit our CAN Cap Homepage and express their interest by filling out the CANCap enquiry form.