ENERGee Watch Second Cycle Masterclass

With the mentees now chosen, the second cycle of the ENERGee Watch Peer-to-Peer training courses will will start on April 4th with the Masterclass. The ENERGee Watch Second Cycle Masterclass brings together the mentors, administrators, and mentees to introduce everyone and allow for a discussion of the broader aims of the ENERGee Watch courses. After each mentor introduces themselves and their course content the mentees will choose which course they would like to join. The courses and mentors are the same from last year:

Course 1: Data collection (acquisition and treatment) – Mentored by Boštjan Krajnc, Energy Agency of Savinjska,Šaleska and Koroška Region, Slovenia

Course 2: Monitoring, reporting, verification: follow up on the implementation of actions – Mentored by Savvas Vlachos, Myrto Skouroupathi, Charis Kordatos, Cyprus Energy Agency

Course 3: Indicators and strategies on adaptation to climate change – Mentored by Sandra Garrigou, Marie-Laure Falque-MAsset, Ile de France Regional Energy and Climate Agency, France

Course 4: Data display, dissemination, and validation by local authorities – Mentored by Thomas Knight, Auvergne Rhône Alpes Energie Environnement, France

Once the classes are decided, each group will then enter a breakout room where they can introduce each other and the mentor can organise the dates that suits the mentees for the training to take place. These training courses will take place in the region of the mentor’s organisation with each mentee travelling over for two days to learn. These courses build on the feedback from the first cycle and will be the first time the mentees are able to travel to the mentor’s region. These courses are expected to take place in May/early June.

Once these courses are over, the mentees will prepare an Action Plan for their region based on their learnings. This Action Plan will then be implemented and monitored with intermediate catch ups for the next year to allow the mentees and mentors discuss how the implementation is proceeding and to share their experiences. You can see the full Mentee Journey below.