Happy Earth Day from 3CEA

Sometimes we forget we’re floating through space on a giant rock. Let’s not forget that this rock is the only place we have to call home. This Earth Day, let’s honour our amazing little planet. The official theme of Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in our planet”, so why not get out there and make a change that will invest in the future health of our environment.

Although energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions are our every day at 3CEA, our team are taking the time today to do something different that will help make our planet that little bit healthier.

What are you doing to celebrate earth day?

Here are some ideas
🚮Litter pick around your local area, recycling what you collect
🌼Plant some pollinator-friendly plants, vegetables or a tree
🚴No car day: ditch the car and walk, cycle or use public transport
🥬Go vegan or vegetarian for the day
⛰️Go outside into nature and appreciate it