The ENERGee Watch 3rd Call for Applications is Now Open!

Learn the ‘how to’ of energy data: the ENERGee Watch 3rd call for applications is now open!

The ENERGee Watch peer-to-peer learning programme is back for a third and last time. Developed to address the challenges with energy and climate data collection, monitoring, processing or communication, the programme is targeted to suit local, regional authorities and their agencies.

The programme implies a study visit in Brussels, 15-16 November. The peer learning programme is carried out in English, free of charge, and the travel expenses to Brussels are reimbursed up to 500 EUR per person per organisation.

The participants have a choice from 4 different courses, developed and delivered by experts in the field:

  1. Energy Data collection (acquisition and treatment)
  2. Monitoring, Reporting, Verification: follow up on implementation of actions
  3. Indicators and strategies on adaptation to Climate Change
  4. Data display, dissemination and validation by end users

The core programme should last from 4 to 6 months. More details on the curricula, methods and mentors are contained in the handbook of each course, accessible here.

Apply for the ENERGee Watch 3rd Call through the form: 

Deadline for applications: 7 October

Also, don’t forget to save the date for the introduction webinar: 10:00 CET, 3 October!