3CEA urges home owners to apply now for up to 50% grant aid under Deep Retrofit programme

HOME owners across Ireland with houses built in the 60s or 70s, or who are struggling to heat inefficient, more modern homes over 12 years old with poor BER rating, are being urged to group together and apply for a new retrofit scheme which offers between 50% and 95% of grant aid. Read more

iRoUTE – integrated and sustainable transport

iRoUTE – A Transport Conference Scheduled for Kilkenny June 27-28 will focus on modelling an integrated and sustainable transport solution for Irish regions.iRoUTE conference


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Home energy upgrades through St Canice’s Credit Union

CKEA are delighted to hear that St Canice’s Credit Union, REIL and SEAI are partnering to bring credit union members in Kilkenny and Laois grants tailor made for home energy upgrades.

Read the full St Canice’s Credit Union press release here: Read more

CKEA welcomes Budget 2017 measures on Climate Change

CKEA welcomes Budget 2017

Minister Denis Naughten of the Department of Communication, Climate Change and Environment issued a budget statement this week which identifies the interconnection between climate action and energy efficiency. The full press release from the Department is available on their website or further down this post.  Carlow Kilkenny and Wexford Energy Agency Manager, Paddy Phelan, has welcomed the focus and supporting measures outlined by Minister Naughten:

“CKEA welcomes Budget 2017. It sets in train the budget allocation to deliver the much anticipated Renewable Heat Incentive programme promised since 2014. Will this be enough, if delivered, to ignite the massive challenge that lays in wait to achieve the Renewable Heat target for 2020?  Only time will tell. Ireland Inc is currently set to significantly miss the target, resulting in long term fines of circa €100m per % point below the 12% Renewable Heat Target. Current reports for 2015 suggest that Ireland is circa 7.6% below that 2020 target.

 The Energy Citizens role in sustainable community programmes is marked with an increase in SEAI programme funding for Better Energy Communities and the Warmer Homes Programme.

Paddy is also delighted to see the establishment of the National Dialogue on Climate Change and would be keen for CKEA to participate. Local Energy Agencies support climate change mitigation and adaption through the county based approach for Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Planning.


Budget 2017 Statement by Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten: Broadband, Energy Efficiency and Digital Economy focus areas for Budget 2017

11 October 2016


  • €100 million for energy efficiency projects €15 million for National Broadband Plan
  • Capital allocation to increase by €45m, , to more than €170m
  • Total 2017 Budget €529 million


The Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment, Denis Naughten T.D., today announced his Department’s Budget 2017 allocation. “Climate action, energy, broadband connectivity and the digital economy are amongst the most significant strategic sectors for Ireland’s economic, employment and social recovery, and Budget 2017 demonstrates committed and ongoing support for these key areas.”


Broadband Connectivity and the Digital Economy

Broadband connectivity remains a key social, economic and political priority.

The National Broadband Plan (NBP) will play an integral role in revitalizing businesses and communities across provincial towns in rural Ireland, and additional funding of€5m has been set aside to finalise the tender process in 2017 bringing the total allocation for the National Broadband Plan in 2017 to 15 million .

A further €8m will facilitate the reallocation of the 700mhz spectrum away from TV broadcasting to support broadband and mobile telephony plans in rural areas. In freeing up a very valuable spectrum band, this crucial investment will deliver better mobile data services (including 5G), particularly in rural areas.

€3 million will be spent on the Trading Online Voucher Scheme, which helps small businesses develop their trading online capacity, as well as offering training, mentoring and support.


Energy and Climate Action

Energy and climate action are inextricably linked, and the Minister has affirmed this Government’s determination to meet the Paris Agreement targets within the next 398 months.

To this end, €500,000 will be directed to the establishment of a National Dialogue on Climate Change, while an additional €24m – an increase of 35% on last year – will target expanded energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes across the country.

In 2017, at least €100m will be invested on energy projects, saving over 116,000 tonnes in carbon emissions every year, reducing overall dependence on imported fossil fuels, and supporting around 3,000 jobs.

The transition away from carbon-based fuels remains a long-term goal; €7 million has been allocated to a new Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme to help achieve this.

A further €2 million will be allocated to the Better Energy Homes Scheme to support individual householders in making energy efficiency improvements to their homes, while an additional €4 million will be allocated to the Better Energy Communities Scheme.

The Warmth and Wellbeing pilot scheme will also be expanded and its total allocation for 2017 will be increased to €8 million.


Environment Protection

An additional €2 million is being provided for the Environment Protection Agency to target illegal dumpers and €13 million for landfill remediation will be spent next year to clean up our landfill sites.


These measures are additional or enhanced commitments in the context of an overall budget in 2017 of €529 million.



CKEA welcomes Budget 2017

Largest PV Installation

Largest PV Installation in the Republic of Ireland O'Sheas_BEC

Exciting news this week in County Kilkenny, the Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency (CKEA), O’Shea Farms in Piltown and Solar Electric are working on installing the largest Solar PV installation in the Republic of Ireland. O’Shea Farms have a year round electricity demand from refrigerated cold storage. They supply fresh produce to supermarkets across the country all year around. They plan to meet this base load demand with the installation of 250kWp, covering 1,569m² of roof area on and meeting 11% of the total site electricity demand. This project will set O’Shea Farms as the leaders in solar power generation in the Ireland. Jane Wickham, Paddy Phelan and Nigel Kwenda of the Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency are working closely with O’Shea Farms on the project management of this installation. The Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency was successful in applying for 20% grant for the capital cost of the project through the Better Energy Communities from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

The project received a lot of interest from multinational companies when Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency put it out to tender in early August. The contract was awarded to Solar Electric Ireland Limited from Co. Wexford. O’Shea Farms are currently in the construction phase of the project. Solar Electric Ireland have already delivered an order of 160kW worth of solar panels onsite and construction is to start this Thursday 1st October. The installation and commissioning of the project is expected to be completed by the end of October 2015.

The main advantages of onsite solar power generation at O’Shea Farms are as follows;

  • Solar energy coincides with energy needs for cooling during the summer months. Therefore, a Solar PV System can provide an effective solution to supply energy during peak demands especially in hot summer months where energy demand is high.
  • Solar power generation is carbon neutral hence; it will firmly ground O’Shea Farms’ sustainable practice credentials.
  • Solar power generation does not require a primary energy source attributed with conventional power generation methods. Therefore, it reduces O’Shea Farms’ exposure to fluctuating energy prices.
  • Solar power generation requires little to no operational and maintenance costs compared to other renewable energy technologies.
  • On completion the 250kWp installation will be Ireland’s largest single Solar PV installation setting O’Shea farms as leaders in solar power generation in Ireland.


Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency fighting Climate Change

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Carlow Kilkenny Energy AgencyPhone: 056 7790856Email: admin@ckea.ie

Press Release

Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency fighting Climate Change

Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency, 12th August 2015

Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency (CKEA) is creating the first Irish Local Energy Hub to help combat Climate Change and encourage Low-Carbon Development.

The Local Energy Hub is part of the major European initiative: Data4Action.

Combating Climate Change

For the first time in Ireland, Carlow Kilkenny Local Energy Hub will collect annual energy consumption data from energy providers, Local Authorities, participating local businesses, and the general public.  Analysis of this data will help to develop a sustainable energy action plan that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Elsewhere in Europe it has been shown that public participation is the key to enabling individuals and organisations to benefit from the financial savings that can be achieved.  The Local Energy Hub will operate as an information platform helping everyone to improve energy efficiency and save money.

Making It Happen

The Local Energy Hub is being managed by Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency, working together with the Local Authorities, Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland, International Energy Research Centre, City of Dublin Energy Management Agency, and Rennicks.

Understanding the pattern of local energy use and greenhouse gas emission will become ever more important as Ireland contributes to combating climate change.   The Local Energy Hub is an innovation that will assist.  It will gather, assess, process and model energy data to underpin sustainable energy planning at regional and local levels.  The Carlow Kilkenny Local Energy Hub will provide a repository: EnergyHub.ie, for all of the data on energy performance in the area.  This will inform the creation of smart, evidence-based Sustainable Energy Action Plans for Carlow and Kilkenny County Councils.

How Can You Help?

The Local Energy Hub will not function properly unless we are able to obtain reliable and up-to-date data on energy consumption – and this is where we need everyone in Carlow and Kilkenny counties to become involved.  The idea is simple – we are creating a secure database to handle all of the energy data from the area – the database will go live in November 2015, but in the meantime we invite the people and businesses of Counties Carlow and Kilkenny to register, have a look at the information that is required, and provide any suggestions or ideas to help improve the Local Energy Observatory.

To access the Local Energy Hub, follow the link: www.EnergyHub.ie.   All of the information that is provided to the Local Energy Hub will remain confidential, and the data will be used anonymously.

For any questions please contact admin@ckea.ie


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Energy Data for Sustainable Energy Planning

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Carlow Kilkenny Energy AgencyPhone: 056 7790856Email: admin@ckea.ie

Press Release

Energy Data for Sustainable Energy Planning

Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency, 19/05/2015

Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency will host a meeting on Energy Data Opportunities on Wednesday 3rd June 2015 at the Lord Bagenal Inn, Leighlinbridge, Co Carlow. The Energy Agency is a member of the EU Data4Action (www.data4action.eu) initiative, which is hosting the event. Go to www.ckea.ie to register.

Through Data4Action, Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency is developing a Local Energy Observatory. The Observatory will utilise local energy consumption data to help to inform future strategic planning and Sustainable Energy Action Planning within both Carlow and Kilkenny counties. Ambition is that the outputs from the local energy observatory will influence decisions made and have real impact on making both counties exemplars of low carbon economies.

To facilitate this process the CKEA is using EU protocols to undertake an analysis of the national energy data statistics and disaggregate these to the counties of Carlow and Kilkenny. This process uses metrics, such as demographic data, to create a baseline guide for use in other EU countries.

The next phase of the initiative will involve the collection of local data from energy consumers via an energy portal. This will improve the accuracy of the information that is gathered. The data will then be used as a reference tool for decision-makers at Local Authority level, enabling them to track the positive or negative impact on energy consumption that results from strategic planning decisions. It will also enable corrective action, where this may be necessary.

Later this summer the Carlow and Kilkenny Local Energy Observatory will be launched for public access to allow everyone to share their energy data – so everyone can play a part in making their local area a more sustainable energy user.


Embargo: 21st May 2015

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