Energy Upgrade Homeowner Experience: SEC Southeast Webinar Series

Hear from Ithel McKenna, a homeowner in County Waterford who over the past 40 years has taken on multiple energy efficiency projects in her home.

She couldn’t be happier with the energy savings and increased comfort in her home.
Her only regret…that she isn’t starting now with support from experts like 3cea.

This extract was taken from one of the recent SEC South East webinars in the 6 part series.

Watch the full webinar and others in the series in the YouTube playlist below



To receive expert advice and start to finish project management for energy upgrade projects, get in contact with us now.

ENERGee Watch Second Cycle Masterclass

With the mentees now chosen, the second cycle of the ENERGee Watch Peer-to-Peer training courses will will start on April 4th with the Masterclass. The ENERGee Watch Second Cycle Masterclass brings together the mentors, administrators, and mentees to introduce everyone and allow for a discussion of the broader aims of the ENERGee Watch courses. After each mentor introduces themselves and their course content the mentees will choose which course they would like to join. The courses and mentors are the same from last year:

Course 1: Data collection (acquisition and treatment) – Mentored by Boštjan Krajnc, Energy Agency of Savinjska,Šaleska and Koroška Region, Slovenia

Course 2: Monitoring, reporting, verification: follow up on the implementation of actions – Mentored by Savvas Vlachos, Myrto Skouroupathi, Charis Kordatos, Cyprus Energy Agency

Course 3: Indicators and strategies on adaptation to climate change – Mentored by Sandra Garrigou, Marie-Laure Falque-MAsset, Ile de France Regional Energy and Climate Agency, France

Course 4: Data display, dissemination, and validation by local authorities – Mentored by Thomas Knight, Auvergne Rhône Alpes Energie Environnement, France

Once the classes are decided, each group will then enter a breakout room where they can introduce each other and the mentor can organise the dates that suits the mentees for the training to take place. These training courses will take place in the region of the mentor’s organisation with each mentee travelling over for two days to learn. These courses build on the feedback from the first cycle and will be the first time the mentees are able to travel to the mentor’s region. These courses are expected to take place in May/early June.

Once these courses are over, the mentees will prepare an Action Plan for their region based on their learnings. This Action Plan will then be implemented and monitored with intermediate catch ups for the next year to allow the mentees and mentors discuss how the implementation is proceeding and to share their experiences. You can see the full Mentee Journey below.


STEPS Engineers Week 2022

Run by the Engineers Ireland STEPS (Science, Technology and Engineering Programme for Schools,) the event celebrates the world of engineering with primary and secondary pupils. The main aim is to promote engineering, and show the importance of the profession.

As part of STEPS Engineer’s Week 2022, 3cea energy engineers Grainne Kennedy, Tracey Turner, Stephen McCormick, Johan Muller and Ketan Malik visited schools across the southeast to showcase the exciting world of energy engineering.

Pupils from Bennekerry PS, Queen of the Universe NS, Rathoe NS, Newtown NS, ST.Senan’s PS, Castletown NS, and Dungarvan College all engaged in a variety of exciting topics around sustainable energy engineering.

Energy Engineer Gráinne Kennedy visited Ms Rice and Ms Sullivans 5th classes in Bennekerry on March 9th to talk about all things engineering. Gráinne spoke to the students about all the different ways that engineering made our lives easier and then looked at what we will have to do in the future to save energy and produce cleaner energy. The students were full of great questions such as “can you use water to produce energy?” and “what will the tractors of the future use for fuel?”. The conversation went over time and it was decided that 3cea would have to come back and visit another day.

Junior Energy Engineer Tracey Turner talked with 5th and 6th Class students at Queen of the Universe school in Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow. They had a really nice time chatting about engineers in general to begin with and then focused on what Tracey does as an Energy Engineer. Tracey explained that she was pleased to hear that the majority of the 5th class girls said they liked and enjoyed maths. They also chatted about different forms of energy, both renewable and non-renewable, and the types of materials that go into buildings and how heated energy can be lost through different constructions. 5th class had made a circuit in class prior to Tracey’s arrival, they used a battery, copper tape and an LED bulb – simple but very effective. They finished by talking about how the stored energy in the battery transforms into light energy because as we know – energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it simply transforms from one state into another. It’s quite magical really.

It is safe to say the future is bright for budding energy engineers in the Southeast.

If your school would like to get involved and take part in the next Engineers Week, express your interest via

Irelands First Community-Owned EV Charging Point / Callan Community Energy Company


In December 2021, Callan Community Energy with support from 3cea, opened a new solar-powered EV charging station in the Callan Supervalue carpark.  This fantastic project will provide up to 22kw of fast charging capability to support Callan resident’s transition to electric vehicles. This community-owned EV charge point is the first of its kind in Ireland. A huge congratulation to Callan Community Energy for working hard to deliver this project.

In this short video, Adrian Lyons from Callan Community Energy explains the project and the benefits it has produced for the local community in Callan.

If your community wants to take the leap into renewable energy but don’t know where to start, get in contact with 3cea now to find out how we can help.

Additionally, you can watch our 6 part webinar series aimed at helping your community understand what opportunities there are for renewable energy projects and how to avail of funding, with guest speakers from community groups who have become Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) and experts in renewable energy. A fantastic resource for anyone starting their renewable energy journey.


3cea Pilot State of the Art Energy Efficient Homes in Carlow & Kilkenny

Construction has begun 8 new energy efficient homes in Carlow & Kilkenny that are part of a NWE Interreg Housing 4.0 Energy (H4.0E) an EU project to lower embodied emissions in house builds and in time reduce the cost of construction by utilising a Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) model and ensuring the houses are built to nZEB (near Zero Energy Building) standard by using prefabricated timber-frame closed panels or low-carbon GGBS cement composites and energy-saving efforts like installation of Photovoltaic cables and heat pumps. The 2 bedroom and single bedroom houses are located in St Mary’s court in Carlow town, in Mullinivat and Graiguenamanagh (at the old Fire Station)  in Co. Kilkenny.

Construction site for H4.0E houses in St Mary’s court, Carlow town.

Construction site for H4.0E houses in St Mary’s court, Carlow town.

“3cea were delighted to lead this initiative and to secure Irish funding of over 600K from a Europe-wide fund of 4.2 million made available by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interred NorthWest Europe scheme to make this pilot project happen,” said Communications Officer Colin Healy. “H4.0E-nZEBs or ZEB builds are a must for future construction to meet both Ireland’s housing needs and carbon mitigation goals. The Irish H4.0E pilots are not using full DfMA methods in the pilot project, but when they come fully on stream through the availability of the H4.0E Platform being developed by Open Systems Lab (OSL) as part of the H4.0E project we anticipate that building costs will be reduced by 25% using these methods. The H4.0E houses in the upscaling process will be far cheaper to run and substantial carbon emission reductions will be achieved both in embodied and operational carbon. Heating and domestic hot water are where most of the energy will be used and these are warmer better-insulated homes. All houses are fitted with heat pumps.


The houses, referred to as H4.0E houses are part of a plan to develop affordable zero-energy houses by applying new technology to building and running the houses. A carbon reduction of at least 50% to 80%, when compared to a standard concrete/brick build house,  will be achieved. All units will be completed towards the end of this year and will be used for social housing by Carlow and Kilkenny County Councils.

You can learn more about H4.0E and 3cea’s activities in the project through our H4.0E Webpage.

Information Session on Community Energy Grant Funding


This online session offers a unique opportunity for organisations to learn how to cut harmful emissions and make significant energy and bottom-line savings. It aims to support small businesses in the South East as we discuss funding opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. What makes a good grant application?  Who is eligible for funding? What measures are supported? Our experienced senior energy expert Alex Hamilton will provide helpful tips and what you need to do to be successful. 

This event is the first step for interested organisations and businesses to understand what it takes to apply for energy grant funding for your project and what supports are available to achieve such a project.

Register on Eventbrite


Online Event schedule:

1st Session: Wed, 23rd of February 2022 from 1-2pm

Repeat Session: Wed, 2nd of March 2022 from 3-4pm


  • Communities Energy Grant Overview
  • Funding amounts
  • Energy Audits / Technical Reports
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Estimated Timelines
  • Documentation required
  • Project examples
  • Q&A

Target groups:

Businesses, SMEs, Farmers, Tidy Towns Groups, Co-operatives, Community Groups, Schools, Sports Clubs, Public Sector, Housing Associations and other groups are urged to attend the free information webinar as it is expected that the SEAI grant scheme will receive a high level of interest.

Grants are available through SEAI, who provide up to 50% funding for community projects, not for profits, charities, housing associations. And up to 30% funding for businesses, public sector, SMEs, industrial & commercial sector.

What’s involved?

Both online sessions are open to everyone with an interest in sustainability and community energy but will be of particular relevance to organisations and community groups looking to progress their identified energy projects.

3cea are accepting new grant applications for 2022 and we are urging people to get in touch with us now. In the south east region the SEAI grants & services are administered by the 3 Counties Energy Agency

Register in advance for this event via this Eventbrite page. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the event.

Meet the Team: Onyedikachi Onwusor


  1. What is your educational and work background?
    I recently got an MSc in Energy Management from Technological University Dublin, and a BEng in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering from FUTO, Nigeria. Prior to joining 3CEA I have been in Agricultural Fabrication, and Construction Industry.
  2. What’s the most exciting thing about joining 3cea?
    3CEA is a swift thriving not for profit organization that is actively making an impact to Irelands energy commitment most especially in the southeast of the country. Being someone who wants to contribute to the sustainability of our environment, it is great working for an organization surrounded by like minds.
  3. Why is sustainable energy so important to you?
    Technological advancement has brought about so many possibilities, but also brought excess carbon emission with it. The world always has a problem needed to be solved for every generation. Sustainability in the energy sector has never been more important and I am eager to partake in providing solutions for it.
  4. What advice would you give to readers who are considering an energy efficiency project in your sector?
    No amount of energy savings is too small, a little effort from everyone makes the environment more sustainable. 3CEA is ever ready to support you and your organization to implement efficient energy shifts with their team of specialized engineers and support staff.

Meet the Team: Michael Deen


  1. What is your educational and work background?
    I have a BSc in Geography and Environmental Science and have recently completed an MSc in Leadership for Sustainable Development at Queens University Belfast. I have previously worked within commercial sustainability and worked with several not-for-profit environmental and sustainability organisations.
  2. What’s the most exciting thing about joining 3cea?
    I’m excited to be part of an organization like 3cea that delivers real positive change to society. The opportunity to work on projects in a variety of sectors from commercial businesses to community groups with sustainability at the core of it all is really exciting.
  3. Why is sustainable energy so important to you?
    We are living within a climate crisis, and sustainable energy will play a crucial role in reducing the negative local and global impacts a changing climate will bring.
  4. What advice would you give to readers who are considering an energy efficiency project in your sector?
    This is your opportunity to take the leap into sustainable energy, whether you are driven by climate action or reducing your energy costs, there has never been a better time to start an energy efficiency project.

Meet the Team: Tracey Turner


  1. What is your educational and work background?
    I worked as a logistics administrator for a wholesale company after leaving school. A FAS course in Supply Chain Management and Logistics led me to a primary degree in Industrial Engineering (Level 7). A module in Energy Engineering sparked my interest in renewable technologies, so much so, that I attended an evening course while completing my degree, in Energy Technologies and Installations (Heat-Pumps). I was very fortunate to secure my industrial placement with an innovative company who were at the time designing, manufacturing, transporting, and installing wind turbines. C&F Green Energy gave me a solid foundation in engineering, industry, and renewable technology. My interest grew in the areas of green energy, sustainability, and the environment prompting my return to education. I went on to achieve an Honours Degree Level 8 B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering and a Masters Diploma Level 9 in Green Engineering. I also took some time to travel which was a valuable education in itself. Since, I have worked with a wind and solar developer, evaluating renewable projects, and liaising with clients and stakeholders. I also worked for a short time as a quality engineer in the electro/mechanical industry, this gave me an understanding of construction in particular BCAR (Building Control Amendment Regulation) documentation for projects requiring certification. Most recently I have worked as an Energy Engineer/Consultant,  developing Energy Master Plans for Sustainable Energy Communities, conducting energy audits, quantifying energy consumption to establish baselines as well as being appointed by the SEAI as a county mentor to consult with and advise sustainable energy communities in the midland region.
  1. What’s the most exciting thing about joining 3cea?
    I have followed 3CEA for some time, often signing up to their webinars and workshops. I admire 3CEAs professionalism,  dedication and expertise. I am very much looking forward to learning from my peers and being part of an organised and focused team. Also, they seem like a lovely bunch, relaxed, down to earth and friendly.
  1. Why is sustainable energy so important to you?
    I have always been passionate about nature, the environment, and the people and communities around me. I come from a spectacularly beautiful part of the world. Relatively untouched by pollution, industrialisation, mining, poverty, overpopulation etc. I didn’t quite grasp the magnitude of how much we were interfering with nature and our environments until I travelled, until I witnessed environmental devastation and extreme weather events for myself. We don’t feel the effects as much here in Ireland; however, it will affect us all, sooner than we think. I want to leave a world that my daughter can not only survive in but thrive in. Humans over the last 200yrs have consumed more than ever before, stripping the earth of its resources without much consideration or gratitude. Globally, the use of energy represents by far the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. What better place to put all my energy into if not energy itself?
  1. What advice would you give to readers who are considering an energy efficiency project in your sector?
    The time for consideration is past. It is better to be proactive than reactive. Reach out, information, people and resources are available. Get in contact with 3CEA or your local energy agency. They will be happy to help and guide you.

Meet the Team: Stephen McCormick


  1. What is your educational and work background?
    I have a BA in Arts from TCD, an MA in International Relations from DCU and a BEng in Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energies from AIT. I’ve spent a decade in retail and a decade in Facility Management and am now branching into energy management.
  2. What’s the most exciting thing about joining 3cea?
    I’m eager to join a team of like-minded individuals who are keen on supporting Irelands energy commitments. 3cea has a great record of working with energy users of all stripes for 2 decades and I’m honored in becoming part of the team and look forward to driving further sustainability across Irelands South East.
  3. Why is sustainable energy so important to you?
    The world is in a pretty precarious position and faces threats on a number of fronts. Immediate climate action has never been so important and, with three young girls looking up to their father, I am particularly keen on showing them that my generation has been part of the solution and not the problem.
  4. What advice would you give to readers who are considering an energy efficiency project in your sector?
    Just do it – there’s never been such a critical time to make a positive change in how you live and work. We at 3cea have a dedicated team of experienced engineers and support staff to help you make a positive impact on your carbon emissions as well as your bank balance. Be the change you want to see.